Adanu’s volunteer program provides the opportunity to
engage in a new culture, invest in genuine relationships
with participating communities, and contribute in a
meaningful way to projects that make a lasting difference.

why volunteer

I built a school and changed the world for children who only knew learning under a tree. The spirit of teamwork was amazing. ” – Miranda Leurquin, Volunteer


Volunteerism is a powerful way to positively impact your own life and the lives of the people you serve. As a volunteer, you will be inspired by the hard work and joy of ownership in the communities.

And in return, the communities will be motivated and encouraged by your investment in their future. Rather than feeling forgotten by the world, villagers learn they are valued and that their work is respected. This builds tremendous dignity and pride. As a volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to experience day-to-day life in a Ghanaian village, and create lasting relationships with the people who live there.

trip details

Itinerary Overview

Day 1

An Adanu team member will pick you up from the airport, discuss specific project details with you, and transport you to the community. That evening, you will meet the chief, elders and other members of the community, and participate in a welcome ceremony with celebratory drumming and dancing. The Adanu team member will be with you throughout your stay.

Day 2

In the morning, you can choose to attend a church service with community leaders, or simply relax and get to know the village and its people. In the afternoon, you will tour the community and learn about its history.

Days 3–4

You will work on a community project in the mornings, and participate in cultural excursions during the afternoons. The projects range from building a latrine to installing a water tank to building a school or playground. The cultural excursions can include drumming lessons, batik making, Amazing Race-style marketing and cooking with villagers, kente weaving, field trips with community students, and more.

Days 5

You will enjoy a full day of cultural experiences and sightseeing. Oftentimes this will include a trip to the Wli Waterfalls and a Monkey Sanctuary.

Days 6

You will work on a community project in the morning, participate in a departure ceremony in the afternoon, and then enjoy a celebratory bonfire with drumming and dancing.

Days 7

You will visit a different Adanu village to see progress of another project, and learn about the life of another village community.

Days 8

Your Adanu team member will facilitate a debriefing session with your group, and transport you back to the airport for departure. If there is time, you will visit a local craft market, or tour the highlights of the capitol of Ghana. (Departures are normally in the evening)

plan your trip


Adanu has a long history of working with various groups and individuals to plan their ideal trip. We offer three cost tiers, and are happy to work with your preferred dates and length of stay.


Additional information about dates and costs can be found on our booking site. Please contact us directly for specific needs or questions.