Potential Is Born, Opportunity Is Created

Our Mission

Adanu’s mission is to ignite the passion of Ghanaian communities to bring about a future filled with opportunity and hope.



Yes, we build schools, but schools are just the beginning. Through them we build hope, because in Ghana an education is the critical bridge to a life of genuine opportunity.

– Richard Yinkah



Adanu is a Ghanaian-led 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that takes a unique approach to community development, one based on empowerment instead of charity.

Adanu works alongside rural, underdeveloped Ghanaian communities to create and establish sustainable solutions for education, and equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, age or economic status.

the meaning behind our name

“Adanu” is an Ewe (the primary ethnic group in the Volta region of Ghana) word that means “wise collaboration.” We went through a re-branding process in 2014, and these words kept coming up as we described who we are: GHANAIAN, COMMUNITY, COLLABORATION, SUSTAINMENT, INSPIRATION, EMPOWERMENT, PARTNERSHIP…

We wanted a name and a brand that represents the Ghanaian culture and our unique model. We believe that Adanu conveys the power of collaboration, hard work, and education to change the world. Our goal is to inspire the communities we partner with, and to ignite lasting change in their lives.

Community Happens When People Work Together

our history

Years ago, our family went to Ghana to volunteer. We saw the DIVOG team’s hearts, we saw their model, and we believed in them. It was the beginning of a great partnership. Now, a future filled with opportunity and hope is in the hands of the Ghanaian people, and together we are serving a clear mission to ignite change. As partners, we share the critical belief that an unwavering, collaborative spirit makes all the difference. We focus on education, and there’s no better ground to break than the ground of a new school.” – Shelly Morse


Richard Yinkah founded DIVOG (Disaster Volunteers of Ghana) in 1997 with the vision to empower rural, disadvantaged communities in Ghana through grassroots, Ghanaian solutions.

Over the next 15 years, DIVOG served over 50 communities throughout the Volta region of Ghana, building schools, sanitation facilities, health care clinics and more. The DIVOG team also hosted over 1,000 international volunteers by providing an affordable, hands-on opportunity to embrace a new culture and partner in a meaningful way with local efforts.


In 2013, Adanu became an official 501(c)(3) in the United States under the leadership of Shelly Morse, Owner of Mosaic. Shelly has been a supporter of DIVOG since 2008, when she did a volunteer trip with her husband and youngest daughter. She was inspired by the team’s passion for serving the communities they grew up in, and by the sustainable, community-led model that Adanu uses to implement its programs.