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Adanu presents unique online courses that create an interactive approach of teaching the mindset of Community-Engaged Learning through Adanu's model of community-engaged service.

Course Proposal


Adanu is pleased to introduce our 'virtual' education abroad programs for the 2021 academic year. After a successful pilot program in collaboration with leaders and students from Michigan State University and Penn State University, we are very excited to bring Ghana to you!


Adanu’s Global Community Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship program provides students with exposure to Adanu’s community engagement model and development projects. Since 1997, Adanu has been facilitating a community-engaged service program that creates beneficial experiences, knowledge and solves pressing challenges in its communities. This unique program model provides a framework for Adanu staff and community partners to plan and implement more efficient and sustainable community development projects.

Adanu leaders and community members teach and learn with U.S. study abroad participants. Adanu’s leaders and community members fully participate in each element of the course, giving participants first-hand access to Adanu's program and their constituents, providing invaluable, real-time cross-cultural insights and experience.

Dr. Nicole Webster (PH.D. Associate Professor of Youth and International Development at Penn State University) and Mr. JeanPaul Sewavi (Program Coordinator, Office for Education Abroad at Michigan State University) facilitate this course. Adanu's Founder & Executive Director, Richard Yinkah and Mypa Buckner, Adanu's Director of Operations, participate from Ghana and provide access to real-life projects and community members. The program and technologies will be coordinated by, Friends of Adanu, Adanu's USA hub organization based in Seattle, WA.

The program uses community-engaged learning as the primary teaching and learning methodology


To Be Determined…

Course Description

In this course, we engage with community partners and students thousands of miles away in Ghana in a remote environment to:

  • Develop an understanding of the concept of Community-Engaged Learning
  • Understand Adanu’s community engagement framework
  • Experience (remotely) cross-cultural communication skills, practices, and reflections

The course allows students to have international experiences despite current barriers to mobility. Using technologies and our network of relationships, participants will get an inside look into the local economy, history, educational system, and business practices by meeting with leaders from diverse organizations. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with communities via live virtual tours, collaborative discussions with local students, cooking lessons, and survival workshops.

Much of the course will occur online with students working on their own or in collaboration with community partners. The course uses GOOGLE CLASSROOM as its online interface. It is broken into weekly modules with a repeating checklist of items for students to complete each week, including:

  • Participating in zoom sessions
  • Reviewing required materials. These will be posted each week and may include written, audio and video
  • Ghanaian experiences (cooking, hygiene, and transportantion themed)
  • Engaging in discussion Additional optional subject material will be available for student review

In addition to this new virtual program Adanu also offers:

  • Faculty-led and custom programs (Link to Nicole’s Syllabus)
    • Destination study, academic program and curriculum design, itinerary and logistics development, flexible and transparent pricing according to budget
    • On-site services: Coordination of all program elements (lectures, guest speakers, workshops, meetings, site visits, cultural immersion, research project, service-learning projects, etc.) and logistics, risk management and 24/7 health & safety support
  • Customized internships and undergraduate research placements (Link to Adanu’s internship and undergraduate research placements)

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

The Teaching Team

Nicole Webster

Ph.D. Associate Professor
Youth & International Development Penn State University.

Jean-Paul Sewavi

Program Coordinator
Office for Education Abroad Michigan State University

Richard Yinkah

Founder and
Executive Director of Adanu

Mypa Buckner

Director of
Operations of Adanu