Imagine Your Impact On Generations To Come

Your Giving Goes A Long Way

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers from around the world and contributions of Ghanaian communities to the projects implemented, Adanu is able to build schools and complete other community development projects less expensively and more quickly than other non-profits doing similar work.

Friends of Adanu is a 501(c)(3) organization whose specific purposes are to:

• To work alongside rural, underdeveloped Ghanaian communities to create and establish sustainable solutions for education, health care, sanitation and income generation, and to create equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, age or economic status.

• To function as a western-based fundraising arm for Adanu, a Ghanaian based and run non-profit.

• To provide strategic direction, leadership, and business acumen to Adanu’s Ghanaian leadership team through board meetings, 1:1 mentoring, workshops, and networking.

• To ensure accountability that the funds raised via Friends of Adanu are accounted for properly and used wisely, prudently, and for the intended purpose by Adanu in Ghana.

Friends of Adanu retains discretion over funds contributed to it, and control over whether and how to disburse the funds. All aspects of projects are vetted and approved prior to disbursement of funds. The board of directors has exclusive control over making foreign grants. Adanu Ghana makes periodic reports to ensure that funds are used for their intended purposes.